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Teaching, mentoring and inspiring.

Between lessons you may email questions or queries to me and I may contact you if I notice a film, radio programme or theatre production that you might find really useful ( or just love!).               

I am happy to order books for you, using the excellent Ex Libris bookshop in Bradford on Avon, who will get most texts within 24 hours. There is no charge for this; you pay only the cost of the book. Also, where I cannot obtain free dowloads of exam papers for you, I can buy electronic or paper versions of these at no extra charge to you.

N.B. What I cannot promise is to do is speak directly to exam boards on your behalf, as many exam boards will not correspond directly with a teacher who is not based at a partiuclar exam centre.This would need to be done by a member of staf at the school or college  (i.e. the exam centre) where you will sit an exam. It's also your responsibility to make sure that you entered for the correct exam in the right place! Just thought I'd mention that now!

Finally, I am happy to liaise with your school if need be, or speak to your exams officer, tutor or teacher. And should you need me to write a reference for work or for educational establishment, I will do this too, for a nominal fee.

Any questions, just mail or ring me.

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