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Teaching, mentoring and inspiring.
Our Clients





My day to day clients might range from reluctant year 8 readers to 24 year old GCSE candidates!

Below are some parents' and students' testimonials...

"With Anna's help, Ben was able to gain the skills and confidence to reach the highest grades at GCSE and fulfil his potential. He is now studying English Literature AS and with her continued support I know he will achieve his goal." (Mother of year 13 student.)

"Anna has fired up my taste for the study of English Literature and the discussions we have on classic texts are fun and fulfilling." (Year 12 student.)

"'I'm not sure what she would have done without you. Im not sure what I would have done, actually." (Mum of year 11 student.)

"I wasn't sure if my son could handle two hours of a Sunday night but, umm, he just asked for more and said it was all really fun. I admit I'm surprised" (Mother of year 8 student.)

"I know of many parents in Bath who are very grateful to you." (Mother of 21 year old female student.)

"You have really kept him going at a time when he might have quit." (Mother of year 13 student.)

"You have been an inspiration to my son." (Mother of year 11 student.)

"You have done so much to improve our son's confidence and he's much more motivated, too." (Father of year 11 student.)

"Very helpful one to one teaching --making even the most boring books fun!" (Kieran, 19 -- heartfelt, although I do not concede the "boring books" bit!) 

My son loves coming to see you." (Mother of year 8 student.)"

"You're really funny." (Year 8 student.)

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