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Teaching, mentoring and inspiring.

I have many years' teaching experience, much of it in the Bath area, but plenty of English as a Second Language teaching in the U.K. and around the world, too. I've also been an examiner in English. Although I no longer teach in the mainstream sector, I am very much in touch with up to date developments and I do go into schools periodically to take a sixth form assembly or, for example, do mock university English interviews for Oxbridge students. I am also a mother of three (from three to twelve) and I balance tuition with this and with a parallel career as a freelance writer. Sometimes, students like to know all about my writing  - and even get involved in what I am doing. So do ask me all about it.

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I also offer an informal  mentoring service. This might be with me, but more often it involves my matching up a student with a particular interest with someone already established in that field.It could be somebody employed or who is running their own business. A little bit of a boost;someone who shares your interest; some guidance; some insider knowledge: all that - over two or three informal meetings - can go a long way. This is offered as a free service (I just make people cake) but only for students already enrolled with Anna Vaught Tuition.

How did I get started....?
This company was founded as, when I went on my first maternity leave from full-time teaching, I found that parents and students were keen to keep in touch and, sometimes, get extra help. So the business developed from word of mouth and the students kept coming.

Some of my students have been coming to me for three or four years, where I support them during two exam levels; some just come for two booster sessions on two Sunday afternoons! It's tailored to your needs. It might reassure you to know that I have worked with a good number of siblings, one by one, over the years.

Most of my students are in full-time education so the work we do together complements that done in the classroom. Sometimes, though, students are home schooled or may be between school and university (by way of Gap Year) but needing to get a few extra UCAS points. That's where I come in. I also work with students have been excluded from schools (although I should note that this is through parental referral only) and with students who have had to cope with chronic medical conditions such as ME or fybromyalgia and so been unable to attend school or perhaps to take exams until they are post 16. You can take a GCSE or IGCSE at any age! I will always work with you to devise a suitable plan


Where? I teach largely at my home in Bradford on Avon, but can come to you in the Bath area, West Wiltshire -- or further afield if you would like to book a longer session. ally, West and North Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.

How much? I charge a standard fee of £30 per hour, regardless of level. For very short term students, the fee is £35 per hour, as it is for lessons at the weekend. If I travel to you, I do add on a spot of travel cost at 40p per mile. For workshops, there is a varied price structure: contact me for further details.

When? During the day throughout Monday and Wednesday,  after school on Mondays, throughout Wednesday and Thursday evening and at the weekend by special arrangement and short term only. (And not every weekend, either, because when I tried to be superwoman it all went horribly wrong and I burned a lot of dinners!) I work during holidays by special arrangement, but for longer sessions of three hours plus only.  I also run workshops for small groups of GCSE or A level students during the school holidays - so keep an eye out for those!


 What about payment and cancellation policy?

Students pay for the term in advance and by basc only.  To end tuition altogether, I do ask for  two weeks' written notice of complete cessation.  

*Fewer than two weeks' notice (verbal or written) of a missed lesson: full fee for the lesson.

*Holiday which does not coincide with the tutor's (that is to say, a holiday you take in term time): 50% of lesson fee.

N.B. Cancellation includes illness of the student. We usually manage to catch up with the missed lesson, though! (Although I'm less inclined to if it's simply forgotten!) BUT I cannot guarantee so to do. If you're a bit peaky and off school, you can still come to tuition if you feel up to it -- but not if you're horribly contagious, out of respect for other students: they may have an exam the next day!

How do I know when tuition starts and ends?

 You'll know because I keep to local term times. If you are home schooled or an adult learner, I'll remind you when these are. Also, I'll let you well in advance if I have to be away and we'll try to re-schedule. Please note that if I am to be working with you at A level, we don't stop when the lower sixth exams over but keep going until the end of the summer term.



A REALLY IMPORTANT BIT OF INFORMATION. I am not an exam 'centre', which is to say that exam students cannot sit their exams with me. I do, however, have arrangements with a local independent school so that external candidates are able to sit an exam there: this will be for a GCSE or A level re-take within one academic year or for an IGCSE studied entirely with me.

 Please note that, beyond one academic year, any coursework submitted has to be completely re-done, that schools - even within an academic year - will not as standard allow students who have left them to re-sit an exam with them, that not all schools offer the November re-sit for English GCSE and that for entirely external candidates I tend to offer an IGCSE rather than a GCSE because this is entirely exams based and I work with a local centre on it.

All exam boards have arrangements for external/private students BUT we cannot guarantee that a centre will allow you to sit the exam there. Unfortunately, too many schools' exams officers have had their fingers burned!


If you have any other questions, just contact me.

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